Trouble with tank upgrade, old filter not fitting

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    I posted last week that I had found a 30 gallon tank for free. Based on advice here my plan was to run both filters in the larger tank for a while and move the inhabitants of the 10-gallon over. Ultimately I'll use both tanks but wanted to do it this way so I wouldn't have to wait for the 30 gallon to cycle.
    Well, I just tried to move the smaller filter over and it doesn't fit! The edge of the tank is too wide... Am I missing something? Is there a way to make this work? Should I take out the cartridge from the smaller filter and try to tuck it into the larger? Or should I cut it up and tuck in pieces? I'd love some guidance.
  2. tokiodreamy

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    Since it wont fit on your tank, I would stick the old filter media behind the new media in the new filter. You can even dose stability for 7 days to make sure you won't get a mini cycle.

    If it won't fit you can cut up the old media. Just make sure it doesn't dry out when you're cutting it
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