tropical tranport

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    marty o Guest

    OK so the question do i get my fish from point a to point b if the tank is also being brought from original location. I'm moving out soon and i need to move my fish who need heated water so how do i keep them alive for the 2 days necessary to prepare the tank once I'm at the new place?
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Hi Marty. Welcome to FishLore! When I had a fish to bring home from Tennessee, I placed the bag in a styrofoam container and closed the top to keep the temperature stable. He did just fine. If you are bagging the fish yourself, it's better to have just a little bit of water for the fish to swim around in and more air in the bag. You can also open the bags after a day to give them fresh air and then close the bag up again. When you close the bags, allow them to be "puffy" with air, and it would probably be better to bag each fish separately if you can.
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    About the tank, it has to be completely empty if you move it. Drain a bunch of the old water into a container and put in your filter, gravel, tank decorations, and possibly live plants. That way hopefully you can save the good bacteria so you don't have to re-cycle the tank. The fish should also be transported in old water the way Gunnie said. Once you're to point b, put the empty tank where you want it, and put back all the 'stuff' and equipment along with the old water you saved. Plug everything in and make sure everything is working properly. You probably won't save all the old water, so any "topping off" you do to fill the tank can be done with warm water if the tank is taking too long to heat up. Once everything is set up and working properly, put the fish in. Moving can be stressful for fish, so be prepared that it's possible for a few not to survive. I don't think it should take 2 days to prepare the tank. Be sure to test the tank every day in case it goes through a mini-cycle. Good luck!