Tropical fish stores

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    :;fr Well I think I found the fish store that I will be using and it happen's to only be about 7 mile's from my house. The whole basement of this place was the tropical fish part. Wow were those some healthy looking fish and this place was spotless and so were the tank's. He does pond's as well and had some set up for display with the big Koi fish and everything. He's been there for over 30 years and he really know's his stuff. Very friendly. I wish I would've bought all my set up from him, he's really good on prices. He has my identical setup in a 55 gallon kit and after seeing that one I wish I would've went with that instead. Oh well maybe I'll add another tank later. After doing research, there's about 6 tropical fish store's with in a 25 mile radius of my house so I'll definitely have the resources. :;sman
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    Were are you at in Indiana??
    I'm from Henry County.
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    Porter County.