Trimming planted tank and dechlorinator questions

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by Flare4123, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Flare4123New MemberMember

    Hey all, so just wondering for the people who have planted tanks what do you do with the trimmings? Do you propogate them or just trash them or what?

    Currently when do my maintenance I just propogate what I can and toss dead stuff but at the rate my plants are growing I'll soon have no more substrate space to put them. I just feel like its a waste to trash the plant since its still perfectly good haha xP

    And about the dechlorinator, when I do my pwc I normally put my dechlor in 5g buckets then do the water change from out the bucket but I recently started dosing for the whole tank then filling it up using a garden hose since its so much easier that way.

    My question is how long should I have to wait before turning the filter back on?

    Chlorine will kill the bb as soon as contact happens right? So if I dose for the whole tank and fill it up from the hose I normally wait a bit to let the dechlor work its magic on the new water then plug everything back in.
    I don't want accidently cause my tank to cycle again haha
  2. el337

    el337Fishlore LegendMember

    When I had the space, I would propogate my trimmings. I know it's a waste but now I just throw them out because well, my fish need room to swim too! lol But you could always sell them or give them away for free here (once you have 50 posts).

    I would just turn everything back on after you finished filling the tank. The dechlor should work immediately upon contact. The BB is mostly in your filter media anyway.
  3. martini4

    martini4Valued MemberMember

    Your LFS might take some plants for store credit. About the whole hose thing, isn't the water in the hose a lot colder than the tank water? Are you taking the fish out and letting the water warm up before putting them back in? As far as dechlorinating, dosing the whole tank and filling it should be ok, the bottle of Prime says you can dose up to 5x's the normal dose in emergencies so it shouldn't hurt anything since you're adding water right away.
  4. OP

    Flare4123New MemberMember

    I was worried that the dechlor/new water wouldn't circulate completely letting some chlorine reach the filter and destroying the bb colony >.<

    I live in the tropics so the water coming out the hose is only like 3-4 degrees off room temp so I'm not too worried about the temperature difference. My heater should take care of the difference, plus I'm filling through a sump to let the heat dissipate more before hitting the dt.

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