Triggering Jewel Cichlids to spawn?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by kitty2234, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. kitty2234Valued MemberMember


    Hi Friends,

    Does anyone have any hints on how to encourage my Jewels to finish what they were starting (breeding)? The tubes have been down for almost 2 weeks with no signs or spawning, eggs, or fry.

    I have tried a water change and adding cooler water, adding sand, adding more plants, and even adding more clay pots. If I can get a decent camera someday, I will start posting a ton of pictures. The one red Jewel looks like a ballon and the other red one looks a little pregnant. The 3rd Jewel that I have, has finally turned red, but the other two didn't like that one before. Should I try to add the 3rd Jewel back with the other two? I have 3 endler mixes and 1 sailfin molly male in the tank at this time as dither fish.

    The molly is in there to give his female a break, because she is handicapped. Either the molly female has a broken back or a broken tail, but she has been living a long happy life. The female (Broken Girl) has been broken since she was a fry. Broken Girl has had one clutch of fry already and is on her 2nd clutch now. She mostly floats and has been this way for about 9 months.


  2. GordinianWell Known MemberMember

    I've heard meaty foods help! Other than that, I can't help much, as I'm no expert on jewels, sorry :( Good luck!

  3. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    Meaty foods do help some what. Also adding dither fish will help. A single molly doesn't work as a dither fish. And definitely do not add the third jewel. A school of small, fast fish act as dither fish. Zebra Danios are nice and cheap and they'd work great. There are several other fish that would work like Harlequin Rasboras, Hatchetfish, ect.
  4. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi Friends & RogueAgent,

    I am using the 1 molly and 3 endler/guppy mixs. I was afraid that the female endler/guppies mixes might be a danger to the fry. I had 6 endlers in their, until I worried about the fry. I think I might put a collection of extra males in the tank. I have one female endler in the tank with 2 males now. At least the males stay small.

    I have noticed that the jewels were more concerned about the fish on the other side of their divider, and have been trying to eat those fish. I have the other side of the tank filled with molly fry. I have noticed that several times a day; the jewels will come over to the divider and try to eat the mollies. (I was thinking that this behavior might mean that no dither fish are needed in their side of the tank, maybe?)

    **I will try to get the jewels to eat more meat!
  5. Ryan1824Valued MemberMember

    If you have snails (ramshorn or pond) they work well to condition jewel cichlids, just crush their shells with a hard object and drop them in the tank. Most types of worms (blood worms, black worms, chopped earth worms) work as well.
  6. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    Endlers won't bother any of the fry. Nor will the molly. Jewel Cichlids are very competent parents so they wouldn't let other fish near their babies. You need some sort of fast moving fish that can get away from the parents but still get them distracted.

    If the tank is divided how much space do the Jewel Cichlids have?? They need a 20g minimum. How large of a tank do you have them in?
  7. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi RogueAgent,

    The tank they are in is a temparary tank for them. It is a 36 gallon, (18 gallons on each side), until I get regulate the water temperature in the cellar. I am hoping that before next month, I will have the cellar fixed. I a have an extra 29 gallon and 20 gallon in the cellar, so far. I will also be moving another 20 gallon down there soon.

    I also need to buy 2 more heaters for some of the tanks. I am hoping to buy many more tanks, as soon as I can get some more money.

  8. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember


    Oh okay. Yeah that's probably why they haven't spawned properly yet. They don't have enough room. Do you have the third cichlid on the other side?

    I'd try to get your cellar fixed as fast as possible because Jewels are very aggressive and they don't do so well in small spaces for long periods of time.
  9. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi RogueAgent,

    I found a picture of a jewel with a very swollen stomache, and that forum was discussing the possibility that it could have internal parasites. I am not sure if mine had parasites, (I don't have the guts to disect my fish). The extremely swollen fish went into a decoration and apparently could not figure out how to get out. The jewel died, so I added my last jewel to join the other jewel. I noticed that there was a bit of chasing yesterday, which I tried to stop by interfering. I have been gone all day today. I will try to watch the two jewels for awhile tonight. The unwanted jewel was not red, when the 2 jewels didn't like it. That jewel has since turned red and the stomach looks like someone preparing to spawn.

    My rainbow cichlids are on their 2nd spawn, NOW. The female started laying at midnight, so that is April 15, 12:01AM. I still am raising about 100 of her fry from her first spawn.

  10. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember


    So if I understand correctly the female from your pair was very swollen and died? I'm sorry to hear that. It could be that she was eggbound. Internal Parasites are also possible but usually they waste away or stop eating when they have Internal Parasites. At least that's been my experience. I haven't had too much experience with Internal Parasites though. Hopefully it doesn't affect your other fish.

    If your third Jewel has turned red and is looking plump since you moved him/her then it could be that he/she is getting ready to spawn. I hope you get a spawn soon!

    Congrats on the Rainbow fry!! I'd love to see a couple of pictures if you have them :). I loved my Rainbow Cichlids. They could be a bit naughty at times though haha.
  11. kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi RogueAgent,

    I have never been sure of any of the jewel's sexes. The two that are together now, have been lip locking. The new one's lips look slightly injured.


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