Tried To Add Blue Tetras To Angel & Discus Tank, Fail☹️.


I bought these very interesting looking purple/blue tetra’s (as listed on sale tank) today from lfs and I added it to the main tank in my bedroom. My daughter told me the angels & discus would eat them, I told her they should be ok. Their small, but not tiny small. I acclimated them, then let them lose & mama (black angel) was trying to eat them. The discus just do what they angels do & were chasing them too. They hid under the wood & in they fake plants. I decided to move them to my daughter’s 10 gallon tank with black tetra, mollies, Cory’s & my wandering bristlenose until they get a bigger. Anyone familiar with these tetras?

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Crispii said:
Those are not tetras. They're harlequin rasboras, but with a blue coloration.
Thanks, I’ve never seen harlequin Rasboras this purple color. I’ve only seen the red ones b4. I’ve never been into the small fishes, so didn’t pay these much attention ever in last 20 yrs,. Do they have special requirements? Cause I tried neons b4 & I didn’t have much success with the tiny fishes☹. I seem to do better with exotic medium- large fishes .


Same care requirements as regular harlequins.

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