Treatment For Swim Bladder???

  1. Honeybee92305 Initiate Member

    My oranda looks like she has a very early case of swim bladder issues. She is a bit floaty and just sorta drifting around and showing little interest in food, nothing so extreme as swimming upside down yet but I just wanted to know is there a concise treatment plan for mild swim bladder issues? 20 gallon tank w/ no substrate and a 50 gallon HOB filter. I typically feed her 2x/day Soilent Green gel food and supplement a few times a week with spinach (she's never even seen flakes...). Her water parameters were all within range (tested using API Freshwater Master Test Kit) at Ammonia-0, Nitrite-0, Nitrate-10 but I did a 70% water change just to be safe. Added prime and aquarium salt as well and am fasting her. I have heard that there are swim bladder treatments you can buy and that epsom salt can help as well as the age old advice of feeding peas (though I am little skeptical about the peas helping). Anybody have a tried and true treatment plan they can suggest? Any and all advice is appreciated!!!
  2. Shadow2331 Member Member

    what signs and symptoms are you seeing except floating?? is the goldfish swimming normally?? is the goldfish struggling to reach the bottom of the tank?? basically the causes of swim bladder disorder are
    • Gulping too much air while eating, causing the stomach to become enlarged
    • Eating low quality or air-filled food, causing constipation in the intestine
    • Eating too much, causing fatty deposits to enlarge the liver
    • The development of cysts in the kidney, causing it to become enlarged
    • Deformity of an internal organ
    • Bacterial infection
    • Injury
    • birth deformity
  3. Honeybee92305 Initiate Member

    She is resting along the bottom of the tank and seems to have trouble fighting the current from her filter. When she does swim she just sort of drifts and often her tail will begin to sort of lift like she can't maintain her balance. When I did a PWC ahe had a hard time getting back to the bottom of the tank. She's showing little interest in food or activity. None of this is normal behavior for her. Normally she is a robust, active fish who gets very excited at feeding time and loves to do laps around the tank. I suspect it's constipation related due to her lack of apetite and the fact that I haven't noticed any dropping in the tank for a few days (its a bare bottom so usually I will see them...) also if I look at her from above one side of her belly looks nore distended than the other side. The change in activity, movement and personality is just day and night...
  4. Shadow2331 Member Member

    Ok did you try fasting her and if you did for how many days and what did you feed her after the fasting?
  5. Honeybee92305 Initiate Member

    Yes. I have fasted for the past 36 hrs. I tried to feed her a tiny piece of gel food tonight but she wouldn't eat any just kinda nudged at it and then ignored it so I removed the cube so as not to dirty up the water.
  6. Shadow2331 Member Member

    try fasting her for 3 days and then on the 4th day perform the pea treatment by feeding her some peas. follow the instructions provided in the following link it will be helpful :)
    How to Fix Swim Bladder Disease in Goldfish