Treatment for sick Pleco?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Desteria, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Desteria

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a large Pleco - approx 12 inches, in a 90 gallon tank and have been having trouble with a snail infestation. Unfortunately I let the cleaning go too long recently, which resulted in the snails infesting the filters themselves which resulted in them not working properly.

    I've had my Pleco for almost 20 years, and we noticed two days ago that he was on his side and breathing extremely heavily. Prior to that, he'd started darting to the top of the tank and gulping air. When I searched that, everything I saw said that was not uncommon with plecos. When he took a turn for the worse, I tested the water and the nitrates were really high. Did a water change and got a powerhead and a new air pump to increase the aeration - but it doesn't seem to really be helping my pleco. He's still alive, but seems to be barely hanging on - only way we've been able to tell is when we picked him up to see if he was still alive. The only thing we see is he'll still move his mouth a bit.

    We did a chlorophyll bath this morning, and am going to do another one in an hour or so - as that's the only suggestion we've seen that could help.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions?

    Thanks again.
  2. fishaddiction

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    Maybe the snails are eating all of the algae and if there isn't anything else in the tank figure 8 puffers or spotted puffers will eat up all the snails so feeding the puffers wouldn't be an issue. Just a suggestion.
  3. OP

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    All of the snails in the main tank are taken care of - save for a few here or there I take care of. We have clown loaches that eat the snail eggs. And I'm pretty sure my 1 really fat red tailed shark has been having his fair share of snails. That's why I didn't think to look in the filters, I didn't see many in the main tank.

    My Pleco's gotten algae pellets every day, since he's too big to suck on the glass. So I dunno.
  4. Matt B

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    Water changes, alot of small ones. If the tank has got really high readings too big of a pwc can shock him, even though its clean water. I would do at least dailys of 15-20% and dose with prime if you have it. Also, the addition of kordons fish protector or vita chem may help.

    I'm not an experienced keeper of plecos but the above actions surely would not hurt and clean water can accomplish alot. Best wishes for your buddy!