Treating With Prazipro

  1. fishes were wishes Member Member

    My platy has been steadily getting worse, she barely comes out at all. Here's the old post I made about her. She has been hiding for almost two weeks now and hasn't come out to eat in five days. Her tail just droops now and she is very lethargic.

    I suspected parasites even though I am not 100% sure. I ordered prazipro and it is coming tomorrow. I also have a Dwarf Gourami and another adult platy and 6 fry who are about two month old.

    The other platy who broke the tank in with her seems to be doing well, though she was looking quite bloated and had long stringy white poop the night i ordered the medicine. Yesterday her poop looked normal and she looks less bloated.

    I am just wondering if you think this is the right treatment? Is this is safe for everyone in the tank (young platy, dwarf gourami, snails and plants)?

    I am also wondering if removing the filter is dangerous. I don't know what will happen to my cycle if I remove it. I plan on keeping it in old fish water submerged until the treatment is over.

    I can't do nothing, I could euthanize the fish. She just ruins my happiness being sick in the tank.
  2. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    You dont need to remove your filter sponge while treating with Prazipro- it is safe to use with the biological filter. It will also be safe to use with other fish, snails and plants.
    Your platy may have come down with a secondary bacterial infection from the parasite infection- the initial parasite may have been flatworms (which will be eradicated with a three day treatment of PraziPro) but it also could be from a protozoan infection, like Hexamita.
    It is acting more like a protozoan infection to me than flatworms. But, I cant be certain. I would use API's General Cure to treat, which has a combination of praziquantel/metronidazole. That way, if it is one or the other, you are covered for both. The additional benefit is that metronidazole also is a mild antibiotic and can help if there is any bacterial issues in addition to the parasitic infection. I have heard that General Cure is safe for plants and snails, but I have not used it with either one so I cant say definitively. Maybe someone that has used it can verify if this is true or not.

  3. fishes were wishes Member Member

    I have carbon filters from aqueon and marineland, i have a penguin biowheel and a quietflow hob, I think the carbon removes the medicine from the water.
  4. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    The marine-land has the carbon inside a sponge, correct? I used to use this filter. When I needed to treat I would cut along top of the sponge, empty out the carbon, and put the cartridge back in filter. The bio-wheel can stay in, it will not be effected by medications. The other type of filter, the Aqueon, I am not familiar with, but the carbon must be taken out when treating. Also, do you have an air-pump/air-stone? Add some supplemental air while treating with this med, if possible.

  5. fishes were wishes Member Member

    I don't have an air stone. I was considering getting one since I've been using Seachem Flourish Excel and I was worried it might lower the oxygen in the water. I thought the filters would provide enough aeration at the surface. I also have a desk fan I use on it on hot days.
  6. fishes were wishes Member Member

    I could remove the carbon. I already did this on the aqueon filters once.
  7. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    On a normal basis, if you are not overstocked, an air-stone is not necessary in most cases. However, its always a good idea to have on hand when you are treating with medications. You dont need anything fancy- get the cheapest air-pump you can find- preferably with the airline tubing and a stone included..

  8. fishes were wishes Member Member


    She finally came out and started eating.. But looking at her closely I am wondering if I misdiagnosed her... Maybe dropsy? I don't know.

    It's a bummer because her medicine just arrived today. I think shes messing with me
  9. fishes were wishes Member Member

    fish just died before i even did anything