Treating Saltwater Ich With Copper? Could I Use The Tank After For A Reef?

As the title implies, my fish have ich and in the future, I would like to use it as a reef, or basically a soft coral farm.

On hand I do have cupramine and a copper test kit, so I basically have it all to go ahead and start treating. It is a 40B tank, but I was told any rock and the tank that you use copper in you can never have any inverts or corals in it after a copper treatment. It will seep into the silicone and into the rock thus meaning you'll always have copper in the system. The fish in there currently are going to be moving here shortly and I plan on turning this into a 'low tech' saltwater tank for mainly just a few fish, growing stuff like zoas, GSP, hammers, frogspawn, etc. My main concern is if I treat with copper now, does that mean this could never be a reef tank? I would rather not do that.

Is this true?

Currently I do not have a QT tank for saltwater, but that's as easy as filling a tank and getting it going. I have the space and the empty tanks, so no big deal there. I know sooner or later I will need to set one up.

The problem then lies in the fact that if I get the ich off of the fish and get them clean, the tank still has ich. I was told that for the ich to run it's life cycle and have your tank completely clear of it, it would be about 6 months. Now if thats the case, I would just basically drain the tank and fill it with freshwater a few times to fully remove salt, then run it for a few weeks like that, effectively resetting it.

I am new to saltwater, so I really don't know these things, but I am learning quite a bit every day regarding it. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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