Treating possible Anchor Worm

  1. e

    effyx Initiate Member

    Hi all, it seems that one of my Neon Tetras that I bought yesterday has an anchor worm attached to it. I was going to buy some medication to treat the tank however, I was wondering if by treating the tank so soon after putting he fish in would I be putting the other fish in significant risk? In addition, I'm not 100% sure that it is anchor worm but it's the closest thing visually to what is on the fish so would it be really bad for the tetras if I treat the tank with the anti-parasitic treatment if it's not actually an anchor worm?
  2. DoubleDutch

    DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    What exactly do you see on your fish?
  3. FallenOwl

    FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    It would be easier for people to assist you if you described it, or (even better) posted a picture