Treating parasites with garlic

Andrea Simone

Ok so I've noticed some thin white poo coming from some of my fish and have decided it is internal parasites. I read some posts about garlic acting as a natural remedy by both flushing the parasites out of the fish and killing them too. I read something that said to add a clove of garlic to my tank so I did. My fish are definetly interested in it and are kind of picking at it too.

Is this right, and how long should I leave it in my tank?

Oh, and one of my otos is showing signs of the parasites also. How do I get him to eat the garlic? He has a full tummy and is completely healthy otherwise. Sometimes I give him blanched zucchinI but how do I get him to eat the garlic if it floats?

20gal setup (some plants):
- 10 neons
- 2 guppies
- 2 otos
- 2 dwarf gouramis


I like to soak their food in garlic juice.

Here's something I wrote a while back, cut and pasted.

You can use it to soak some foods in, such as freezedried bloodworms or frozen food, and/or you can put a couple of drops of garlic juice directly to the tank water.

I use minced garlic (in the jars with the spices at the grocery store), but you can use fresh. My jar doesn't have juice, just the little chunks. I just take some of the chunks, put them into a (unused) cup from a Nyquil bottle, put in a bit of tankwater, and some freeze dried bloodworms. I let the whole mess soak for a few minutes, and dump in the liquid and the worms. They love the treat, and it's super healthy for them. I have tried to let them eat the garlic pieces, but they ignore those.

If you regularly feed freeze-dried foods(worms, daphnia, etc.), by the way, you always want to presoak in garlic juice or tankwater. The foods expand when they are hydrated, and you don't want that expansion happening inside the fish's stomach - it can cause bloating and constipation.

Andrea Simone

Thank you. I'll probably use fresh garlic as my father's russian and we always have a few cloves on hand. (lol)

Another thing is that I can't find one of my guppies. I put I had 2 in the description but I originally had three. I realized early today it wasn't around. She's pregnant and I've read they hide in heavily planted parts when in labor, so I checked around and moved one of my ornaments but while doing so my two gouramis nearly crapped their Khakis. Swimming irratically all around the tank, I just got them two days ago so is this normal for new fish? My others never did this although my neons kinda freak out when I do a water change.


Not to hijack your post, Andrea, but Meenu, would it be okay to soak flakes or an algae wafer in the garlic water or juice for a few minutes?
Actually, now that I think about it, I have a tubifex worm flake food that has garlic in it, so I've been feeding my fish garlic.

One thing I was looking for was why the fish have the thin, clearish poo. I see my fish do that sometimes. Is it really parasites?


It can be a sign of parasites but it can also be an indication of what they're eating.
Not all white poo is a parasite.


This is what I feed them twice a week. If I've been giving this to them, would that mean that there couldn't be parasites because of the garlic in it?
Are there other symptoms of internal parasites?


Actually, I've got something here. The parasite we are talking about could very easily be hexamita. Not saying it is, but I think it could be. I read that metronidazole could treat the parasites if ingested and put into the water. I couldn't find out if there was any metronidazole, or any lesser form or it in garlic from my research.

Also, I found out that there is metronidazole in Parasite Clear Tank Buddies. Adding that to the water, and adding garlic to the food could be a double whammy of parasite killing power and I believe that it will be extremely effective.

I'm worried about my fish having this now because like I said I noticed my fish have the thin, white poop. So I'm going to do a bunch more research and find out if anybody has tried this before.

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