Treating Ich With Inverts And Plants

Move betta to QT or treat him alone in main tank

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If I move my betta who currently has ich to my quarantine tank and treat him there, would my main tank which has an african dwarf frog and 3 amanos still carry the ich parasite? I know they don't get infested with it, but could they carry it? I was thinking maybe if ich doesn't "latch" onto my frog and shrimp, I could raise the temp in my main tank to like 88 and kill the ich in my main tank that way. That way I can treat my betta with stronger stuff + salt in the QT. And just use heat for main tank with my other guys.

Or should I move my frog and inverts to quarantine and treat the main tank? I won't be able to use salt in my main tank, it's heavily planted. And if I do that, once I put them back in my main tank, would the ich still be on them?


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African dwarf frogs can be sensitive to some medications as well, especially copper. They breathe through their skin. I would treat the infected fish (betta) in QT and leave the main tank alone (or raise the temp slightly, 86 should do the trick), when you raise the temp to 'kill' ich, you're not actually killing it, erm, raising the temp hastens their life cycle to where they're ready to multiply, and then cannot multiply because the temp is too high for them to reproduce/multiply. Technically, the ich parasite will still be present in your main tank for a short time but if you raise the temp to 86 for about a week and a half or so, it should die off on its own. I don't believe ich can attach to the frog or the shrimp, I think you'd be fine to leave them in the main tank. Just make sure not to raise the temp by too much, too quickly. I would do about 2 degrees every hour or so until you're at 86. Careful on the kind of medication you use if you decide to medicate the main tank, most medications for ich can contain copper, and copper can kill inverts. (shrimp and snails).

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