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    Well it was bound to happen. I brought in some new plants and the fish caught Ich. I had a brand new bottle of Kordon's for this disaster. I became very reluctant to use it. I tend to dip treat sick fish when needed, but my fish are generally very healthy and vibrant. Being that I am back into the hobby after 7 years without tanks, I forget tricks and alternative treatments.

    My fish:
    1 Black Ghost Knife
    8 Black Tetras
    6 Pink Tailed Columbians
    6 Harlequins
    8 Neon Tetras
    2 Medium Angelfish
    2 Kribensis
    1 Male Betta
    1 Common Pleco

    My Treatment:
    Temperature up to 85
    1 TBS of Aquarium Salt per Gallon
    Water change and gravel vacuum every other day
    Immediately the fish seemed more comfortable "stopped scratching"
    After the 8th day all spots were gone
    Treatment carried out for full 14 days
    Slowly lower your temperature back to desired temp
    Everyone's happy and no loss of life

    I would recommend this to anyone treating for Ich and who also has scaleless fish. I think adding chemical should be the last resort. If things are out of hand, then you must act quicker, you don't have 14 days.
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    Correction, 1TBS of Aquarium Salt per 5 Gallons.
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