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I use aqua prazI from Aqua Meds for treating flukes. When reading how to treat for them here it was suggested to treat 7 days after the first. The directions on the container say after the initial treatment do not do a water change for seven days. It also says you may need a second treatment but gives no time period after the first treatment. After reading the instructions on their website it says you can do the second treatment after three days and then no water changes for seven days. I was wondering if the seven day waiting period for second treatment as a generic time or is it specific to a particular brand.


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Welcome to Fishlore, AlanWright

This is not within my areas of expertise and I'm not familiar with the referenced product but I don't want your post to go unanswered. I'll do my best until someone more knowledge chimes in.

The product instructions read: Two treatments work the best. The first treatment will kill all the live flukes. The second treatment, 3 days later will kill all the young as they hatch from their eggs. No water changes for seven days from the first treatment.

I interpret this to mean that they want you to give two doses in seven days with no water changes - first dose on Day 1, second dose on Day 4, and don't change water until Day 8. Then, if it were me, I'd change water and start the cycle again - change water Day 8, third dose Day 8, fourth dose Day 11. But only if the water parameters allowed that frequency of water changes. If there was a conflict, I'd prioritize managing ammonia/nitrite toxicity above ideal prazI administration guidelines.

Regarding how other praziquantel products work, Prazipro (my go to med) instructs: A single treatment lasting 5-7 days may be sufficient. Retreat as necessary, but no more than once every 3 days. I typically do three rounds of it, once a week, and change water in between doses.

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