Treating Betta For Ick; New Controllable Heater Too Strong For Tank Size?


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Some info:
  • Tank is 5.5 Gallons. Planted lightly, no other living things.
  • Only a 2-3 spots of ick; thankfully not intense as of now
  • Tuna is 3 years old.
  • I picked him up from his old owner, but due to too much poop left in his gravel, it caused a issue in the cycle. This led to 1-2 weeks of other-day water changes and doses of seachem prime to turn 25ppm ammonia into 0ppm safely. If you need my parameters as of now, let me know.
  • Heater is usually kept at 78F, and is intended for his tank size. To treat the Ick, I'm having to use a heater too strong for his tank to raise to 83-4F.
  • My main questions: How safe is it to use this heater, and can my fish get burned by it? Best way for me to slowly increase the heat of the water to prevent shock?

Hey there! It seems as though Tuna, my Betta Fish, has a possible case of fish acne. AKA Ick. He has a white dot right near his gill, and a few at his fins. Both are like grains of salt and very sharp looking, it doesn't look like it's an off-white or a soft puff ball. Just a small, very white, speck.
(I can provide photos if wanted; he doesn't look like he's got a rusty coat like Velvet would have, but I'm more than open to get second opinions.)

With some advice on the forums stickies, I had gone to a LFS and picked up a heater that was controllable. The filter I was given for Tuna is preset at 78F; this is just fine to me as it's safe and simple for him and his plants, but in a case where I want to treat Ick via the heat method... not so much.
I got a "EheI'm Jager Heater 50W". This was the smallest size they had, but this heater can be used for a tank up to 16 gallons.
Is this safe to use this in my tank without a concern of overheatng or Tuna getting burned? If not, what should I switch it out for? And if it is safe, over what period of time should I spend slowly increasing it to 84F? And lastly, will airline tubing be needed to add some oxygen to his tank, or will he be alright as he's a labyrinth fish? These are a lot of questions to ask, but as a new fish keeper & being worried at him already being quite old, I want to do my best to understand and what I can do to help.

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