Transferring Tanks - Need Help Asap!!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Friends.NotFood., Apr 16, 2018.

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    Ok so I have a small tank and I’m about to transfer my African cichlids from that tank to a 55 gallon tomorrow and the tank I have them in now is getting sold tomorrow so what can I do with my fish in the meantime? If I get the 55 gallon and transfer most of the water and fill the rest up and treat the water then let it cycle for 24 hrs before I transfer my fish, will that work?
  2. Jenoli42Well Known MemberMember

    you need to transfer all your cycled media or keep the same filter from your old tank with all the media in it. that will keep your cycle. keep the media wet & oxygenated- ideally let the filter run in a bucket of old tank water
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    Lol can you dumb it down for me a little bit please? Lol
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    in your filter you have media. like filter floss, bio balls, bio noods, sponge, etc. that's where 99% of your beneficial bacteria live. those bacteria are your cycle.

    bacteria need a good source (ammonia = fish food/poo) & water & air to survive.

    you either need to keep your filter & everything in it when you sell your tank, or you need to keep every shred of media from inside your filter & transfer it to your new filter for your new tank.

    if there's a lag between when you sell your old tank & when you set up your new tank, then you need to keep the bacteria alive. that's ideally done by getting a big bucket or container, filling it with water from your old tank & turning the filter on so it "filters" the water & keeps bacteria alive.

    does that make sense? sorry I kinda glossed over the detail in my first response :)
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    Ok that’s a lot better lol Thankyou