Transferring Angelfish to newer tank

Hey all,

ive gotten mixed signal about what to do and what not to do with setting up my new tank, get it cycled by using cycled media from older tank.
I’m hoping it’ll only take a couple of week for the new tank to cycle right??

my main question is….Should I use media from older tank and then let it go on its own? And then obviously when do I actually transfer my fish. It’s all about having patience waiting for the nitrogen cycle to complete.
Is there anything else as well as the media I can use to speed it up? I’ve got a few tetras and Platys that I could add right away yeah? As they hardy fish.

I would add some of the established media to the new tank and then add the hardy platys. The new tank will need the ammonia produced from fish to cycle unless you want to add ammonia pure without fish. Then once water is stable at 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and readable nitrates add rest of established and fish from old tank. The cycle may not be strong enough yet still so your gunna have to check water and act accordingly with changes.

Other option would be to simply move whole filter and everything over with fish at once. More risky with ammonia spike and potential fish losses but the new tank should cycle very quickly and would be less work overall

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