Transfering To New Home


Ive had fishes for over a year and did start both with a fishless cycle. But this is my first buying everything with fish included. Over the next couple of weeks ill be purchasing a 55 gallon tank from someone who is going to be moving soon , included in the purchase is the filter, the lights, heater, gravel, decor, plants and all the fish living in it. When I move it over to my house I plan on keeping all of it but I do wish to change gravel to sand, so my question is if I should first set it up the same way , since it will be new water, keep it that way for about a week or so, then slowly change it out to sand so I don't mess up the cycle. Or can I start it off already half sand half gravel ?


The beneficial bacteria that convert ammonia are found in the filter media; very little is found in the substrate unless it is extremely porous (lava rack, etc) and has flowed through it (under gravel filter). Since the tank will be drained when you get it, I would switch over to sand at that point to save the hassle of setting up the fish only to stress them out again as you remove the old substrate.

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