Transfering from 150L to 240L

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Kimberly4403, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Kimberly4403Well Known MemberMember


    I will be transfering everything out of my current 150L into the 240L this was how i was planning on doing it any advice would be great... My new tank is clean and ready to set up

    1) First will need to drain tank to a low enough level to be able to move it a small distance out of that spot were new tank will sit and set up new stand and glass tank and add backdrop.. Some of the water will be stored in a 15L and 32L storage container which will eventually hold the fish and more will be stored between 3x 10L buckets
    * Is it really necessary to add old water back into new tank if im not moving houses or using different water sources?

    2) Then i will need to clean and place new bag of pool filter sand into new tank

    3) will need to remove live plants, drift wood and rocks etc adding live plants and driftwood into storage containers then will need to net fish and sort into storage containers.

    * 15L storage container: live plants, 6 cherry barbs and 10 neon tetra
    * 32L storage container: 1 large driftwood with annubis, 1x BN, 1x dwarf gourami and 6x sterbai cory
    * I have 2 air pumps so will run 1 on each.. Also i have a 100watt and 150watt heater can i safely run these on the 2 storage containers or is there another way of maintainning the temp?
    * Will add a dose of prime to help control any ammonia build up

    4) Remove pool filter sand from the 150L, rinse and add if needed to new tank

    5) Begin filling up new tank using hose/tap water and declorinate with prime

    6) Hardscape and replant plants

    7) Allow heaters to adjust and turn on wait until tank heats to appropriate temp

    8) Slowly acclimatise fish
    * Not sure how i would do this while fish are in 15L and 32L storage containers.. Would it be like doing small water changes taking some water out of the heated 240L and slowly replacing the water in containers?

    9) Whilst acclimitising the fish I want to give my canister filter a quick clean and clean out hoses etc with the water that has been stored in the 3x 10L buckets
    * Hoses have never been cleaned/flushed out since i got my canister new 3 months ago.. And its approx 1.5 months since i last rinsed my canister sponges etc out

    10) Set up canister filter on new tank and run
    * Should i dose with stability incase i cause a cycle?

    11) Transfer fish and allow to settle before setting up light unit and timer etc

    12) Monitor water parameters daily for next couple of weeks and deal with any cycles before slowly introducing any new stock

    Any tips or advice.. This may take up majority of the day so not sure how long fish will be in storage containers for, same with canister filter not sure how long it will be off for..

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  2. GekcoWell Known MemberMember

    Keeping the aquarium water isn't really necessary since it doesn't carry any BB in it but keep as much as you can for cleaning aquarium items.

    As for the storage containers what I would do is fill them up with enough water so the fish are comfortable and you could use the heaters in the containers however I would constantly check the temperature to make sure it's not too high. Maybe put some plastic wrap or something over the top with holes in it so the fish can get oxygen and can't jump out (I've had some fish jump out of their container while drip acclimating them).

    When you are acclimating your fish I would drain the water from the containers so you can drip acclimate (if that is what you are doing). Just keep the media from the canister wet with aquarium water and there shouldn't be an issue with a mini cycle happening IMO, but adding some stability wouldn't hurt.
  3. Kimberly4403Well Known MemberMember

    When i replant my tank i was thinking of rescaping and replanting before adding water.. So wen i fill up tank with hose will the chlorine in the water affect the plants and drift wood or dose prime whilst filling up? Or should i fill up tank and dose with prime before replanting?

    Just thought it would be easier to replant before adding water

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  4. GekcoWell Known MemberMember

    I'm not an expert with plants, but I don't think chlorine effects plants you should be fine replanting before you add your water. To be safe, IMO it would be better to fill the tank first then dose with prime, then replant.
  5. Kimberly4403Well Known MemberMember

    Ok sounds good ill just do it that way then

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  6. Kimberly4403Well Known MemberMember

    Transfer almost complete.. Had to return and order in another light unit as i thought tank was 240L but its 285L so need another light and also another 150 watt heater.. Just waiting for tank to heat up then start aclimatising fish.. Bit cloudy but should clear up

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  7. GekcoWell Known MemberMember

    Looks great!

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  8. Kimberly4403Well Known MemberMember

    Just need my light unit and more plants

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  9. Kimberly4403Well Known MemberMember

    So 24hrs after transfering fish there mostly got thier colours back and so far no casualties.. Water test 24hrs after dosing prime
    Amm = 0
    Nitrite = 0
    Nitrate = 5

    Everyone looks happy so far.. I added another 3 SAEs today to bring my total to 5 just waiting for my last SAE who is full grown he had small white spots almost like itch on his body so didnt pick him up on weekend.. Ill check back in a few days when i pick up my new light unit and more plants to see if its gone or not

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