Transfer tank community and equipment to larger tank suggestions please.

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Hello due to a recent development I want to relocate a tank community from a 29 gal to a new location in house in a New 65 gallon. The entire community along with equipment, substrate, and decor will be transferred. Only new stuff in the new tank will be tank, heater , and additional bag of substrate.The current pump on 29 is going to 65 and is large enough to run it. The 29 is a cycled tank already so pump has a healthy bacteria colony and has no problem with bioload. This is the steps I was gonna take to do transfer please give thoughts and suggestions on my process of transfer. Do not have option of allowing tank sit for months and since I am bringing the bacteria to a new tank should just be like a big water change.

1. clean and set up new tank
2. Clean new substrate and layer it into tank
3. Fill tank except last 15 gallons and treat with prime
4. Install new heater
5. Install extra air pump for time being
6. Let tank sit for 24 hours
7. Transfer substrate and decor
8. Transfer 10 gallons of old water to new tank
9. Transfer pump over
10. Transfer fish
11. Transfer 5 more gallons of old water
12. Install my regular air pump

Fluval 110 pump (same as aquaclear 110)
Fluval q2 air pump
Aquatop heater

Current levels
PH 7.8 same as tap
AM 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 30 tap is 10
Phosphorus 1 tap is .5

5 tetras
2 bala sharks
2 Cory cats
3 shrimp

Moss ball

Would appreciate any thoughts on procedure of doing this
Thank you

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Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore!

It sounds like a good plan to me. I always use some of the old tank water in the new tank then transfer the fish so that I do not have to acclimate the fish to totally new water parameters. I use enough of the old tank water so that the fish can swim upright and then I fill the aquarium with fresh water.

Make sure to match the temperature of the fresh water to that of the old water to prevent temperature shock. Too, match the pH of the old tank water to the new tank water as closely as possible to prevent pH shock.

Keep us posted on your progress and I hope you enjoy the forum.

It is not necessary to use all of the old tank water. Adding new tank water (fresh water) will help to lower your nitrates too.


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Let me know how this goes. In the future I want to upgrade my tank to a 75 gallon tank. But I will have to put the new tank where the old one is (my wife will only let me have one tank). I have been reading up on this process and it sounds like a pain, but totally worth it in the end.

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The great tank migration of 2015 has taken place and all the guys seem to be doing good. The biggest problems was the larger Bala shark hopped out of plastic transfer container 3 times and back into aquarium. As I walked him to other room he was still jumping had my hand over top and he was hitting my hand pretty hard. Cory cats where a pain to catch evil little fast suckers. All but one white skirt tetra went pretty willing except one he made me chase him. I also seem to have lost a shrimp. friday night he was there. The shrimp are an inch and a quarter long so they are not to small. I have this fake coral thing that is full of hiding spots and they get into the little caves and stuff and hide. I found two with flash light and flushed them out. Other nowhere to be found tried shaking coral in tank never came out. So after much searching took it out held it over a tray with it still dripping and took it to big tank right away. He didnt fall off onto pan and after putting coral in new tank was able to turn it upside down sideways etc looking for him. No sign of him anywhere. None of fish could swallow him whole and could find no exoskeleton in tank. I did not transfer substrate since small tank will still be used for other inhabitents. So I don't really know what happened to him. I haven't really slept for two nights worrying about this. So I'am gonna call it a night and hopefully my 9 dollar shrimp turns up. That are one of fish had a nine dollar shrimp meal maybe they got tired of brine shrimp and wanted fresh meat.

I will get some photos up for you ladies and gentlemen in next couple of days. It does not have a back drop in rear of tank yet. Hard to find one 24 inches deep.
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I used a black trash bag that I cut to fit. It was a pain in the butt, but it looks great.

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The missing shrimp appeared tonight no idea where the heck he was hiding.

Trash bag idea is a good solution.
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65 Gallon fishy home. Background made out of foam core textured with 3 differnt different shades of blue spraypaint. Hard to tell by picture. Now fighting Diatoms was cleaned off earlier in day.

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