Transfer Fish To New Bigger Tank Without Full Cycling? Question

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by tiffani, Jun 12, 2019 at 10:37 AM.

  1. tiffani New Member Member

    I’m wanting to transfer my fish from 20g to a 38g new tank that’s bigger and move it where my smaller tank is, can I do this without full cycling of the new tank? My canister filter will work fine on this bigger tank, cascade 1000, so how do I do this and move the fish over without killing them?

  2. Feohw Well Known Member Member

    If your current filter is cycled, it will have enough bacteria to provide for the fish that are stocked in its current tank. So if its added to a new tank it will be able to provide for them. When I set up my new tank, I just added everything over to the new one. Gravel, decor, plants, fish, filter etc. Bacteria lived in the filter as well as on every surface in the tank. So I had more than enough to provide for them. It'll be kinda like a huge water change with even more water being added than there was before.

    I just put them into fish bags while I was moving the two tanks about and setting up the new one.
  3. tiffani New Member Member

    I bought & switched to the canister filter in March, so it’s been running a couple of months on 20g. My intentions were to put it on a bigger tank. So transfer everything over from old tank to new one and how long to let it run b4 I can add fish? What about old tank water? I have angelfish & discus, so I’m changing 30-50% of the water 2x a week or more anyway.
  4. Feohw Well Known Member Member

    I literally just setup my tank with the established filter and such, floated the fish for a little bit and then added them. I had to make sure the new water I added was the correct temperature though. The water was a bit cloudy from the substrate for a little while but the fish were fine. Discus are a little bit fragile as far as I have heard - so I'm not sure how they'd cope. I'll let someone with experience with them say whether they would be fine - I would think so as the tank is still cycled.

    As far as water goes, you could add some of the old water if you wanted to. Really the beneficial bacteria lives on surfaces in the tank and there is much less in the water column itself. So adding the filter and any decor would do more bacteria wise than the water would.
  5. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    Since you've already had this filter up and running for a bit, it already has the bacteria colony needed to support your stocking. You don't need to wait to move the fish at all because the tank will instantly be cycled even though it's bigger.