Trained the Neighbor's Poodles

Discussion in 'Dogs' started by bolivianbaby, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. bolivianbaby

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    My neighbor's toy poodles NEVER stop barking when they're out, which is most of the time. I got fed up with it and have started to train them to stop barking when I correct them (which will be whenever I hear them). I know, that they're not my dogs, but yapping annoys me when it's not justified. It was either that or call animal control.

    Should I invoice my neighbors for the training?:;laughing I didn't get their permission first, but I didn't have to touch the dogs or step onto their property.
  2. lorabell

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    haha!!!! U go BB!!!!! When u get doen with them....come and do my 11 dogs never bark!!!!!!!! And theirs go after mine and get them goin whenever they let them out(through the fence)....
  3. OP

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    I totally feel your pain, Lori! I had to train my dogs to ignore the challenge from the poodles so my boys wouldn't develop dog aggression issues. It was not an easy task.
  4. fry

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    Now tell me what you did so I can get MY dog to stop barking! :)
  5. Theepum

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    just give it a good beating every time it opens its mouth... haha

    ok i was completely sarcastic with that comment, but i found some old dog training books from the 50's and they were saying to beat the dog, 'but anything more than 2 hits is just for the owner...' i found that really funny.

    anyways, my dog is half border collie half sheltie and a blue merle with one sky blue eye and one brown eye. he hates being sprayed with water from a squirt bottle (but loves the hose?!? explain that one...) so when we first tried the squirt bottle, 2 times is all he needed, now with anything, we bring that bottle out and instantly he is calm and normal and listens 100% immediately.

    the down side is if you dog only learns not to do those things when the bottle is around, you have to carry a bottle around with you everywhere. but my dog is smart and knows i can go get that thing whenever i want, so he's a pretty good listener at all times now.
  6. LauraJoe

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    Definitely send an invoice! LOL

    Can you train my dog not to roll in deer poo? GROSS!