Toxics Levels Of Copper?

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    Hi guys , well i have an important question, I have my neos in a high tech tank and one of the salts I use to fertilize have copper, exactly I put 0.01ppm copper every time I use it, my question is, how many copper is needed it to kill the neos?

  2. scarface Fishlore VIP Member

    I wouldn't worry about it. A lot of fertilizers have copper, even many fish foods contain copper. That .01 ppm gets even further diluted in an aquarium. And also, contrary to what most fish keepers think, inverts like shrimp do require a little bit of copper to survive.
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    I found this article.
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    Its 0.003 to kill inverts so dont worry @scarface is right shrimp rely on copper to carry oxygen around the body and help in the reproduction side of things,

    This is the scientific report report I keep just for this sort of conversation,
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    lol i was calculating again the copper in the salt coz is pretty weird a salt with that copper I put, lol the point is,I made a mistake in somewhere in my previous calculation and i checked a lot of times more and is pretty funny coz Richie said it , the real concentration of copper is 0.003ppm xd.
    i will let the dates, my aquarium is 40L, the solution has 0.5ppm of copper, and I add 0.24 liters of the solution to the aquarium xdxdxd. the solution is not a purchased especial fertilized for aquariums obviously is something I'm investigating by myself, lol i suppose my shrimps are safe i read all the info u gave me and the the shrimps starts to die in 0.2ppm so i can use it without abuse,
    thx guys
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