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I recently experienced an aquarium heater failure. And... it failed in the on position. Aquarium was hotter than my hot-tub. It was at least 100F. Only surviving fish........
The BLACK SKIRT TETRA! I've always loved these fish. They are so large and beautiful, and in my experience, are non-aggressive. So if you are looking for an EXTREMELY HARDY fish, look no further than the black skirt tetra.

The only possible issues are with aggression. However, I have found that if they are added to the aquarium one at a time the aggression sorts itself out. I added two at a time once and experienced some serious fin nipping. After 'putting them in time-out' for a week in an empty aquarium, they were added back to my community aquarium one at a time. They were super chill when added that way. If you don't have another aquarium, possible a breeder basked could help them to establish territories while avoiding any nipping behavior. I absolutely LOVE these fish and have kept them for YEARS!


I agree and I too really love these fish. In my experience though I find they are less aggressive if a fair size shoal of them are added at the same time. I started with 6 and fortunately never experienced any aggression from any of them. Mine are actually the long finned black skirts. I suppose it is possible the long finned are more peaceful than the others. I started with 6 just over 4 years ago. Sadly I lost 2 over time but was fortunate enough to get 2 more on line so still have 6. The only time I see anything that could be taken for aggression is when they get in a breeding mood. Even then it is just chasing and bumping into each other. Thankfully no damage is being done during this time.

I would recommend these fish to anyone looking for a beautiful peaceful fish to add to their community tank.
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I have never seen breeding behavior but would absolutely love to! I have heard that larger numbers help a lot with aggression. I've been very lucky since my group has never been very large as I bought them a long time ago before realizing the need for a larger group. Absolutely beautiful fish!

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