Total Mystery Snails In Each Tank


I am looking for a safe and idea of how many limit mystery snails I can have in each tank. I am happy to say that we have hundreds now and all seem healthy and alive. Tanks listed won't really have any other fish except mystery snails in them. How many of each? Your thoughts. Thank You

5 Gallon Tank...10 Gallon Tank...20 Gallon Tall Tank...20 Gallon Long...40 Gallon Breeder 100...Gallon Tank.


Jesus. Don't keep them all. I have just one in a 10 gallon with a betta and some shrimp, wouldn't get more. The most I've had is around 40 from a single clutch in a 60 gallonbut that was struggling severely and they were nowhere near fully grown... They need about 5 gallon each or more, and get from ping pong ball sized to full apple sized depending on species.


I probably wouldn't put one in the 5g, if it's mystery only you might be able to get away with one per every 3 gallons, but I wouldn't put more than one in the 10

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