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  1. Akari_32

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    Ok, guys, I need some serious help!

    I have a 50 gallon tank. My original plan was several fancy goldfish (4 or so while they are smaller, then back out to the ponds when they get a big larger), my female pearl gourami, and my sailfin pleco (only about 4 inches ATM, then out to the pond when she's larger if I don't have my 75+ gallon tank by then).

    But now, looking at my 20 long, I love the activity and have always wanted a large tank full of small fish and a couple large fish. What if I where to do the gourami, two-three goldfish (the largest is 4 inches, the rest are 1/2 that or less), the pleco, and like 4 billion (not really ;)) smaller schooling fish? I don't know what I want, though... Obviously, something fast enough not to eaten by my ever hungry goldfish, but something small enough not to add to the bioload much.

    Give my some ideas, guys! I have two ponds, so less goldfish is not an issue. I can play pond swap and tank swap and what-not. I want at least two, though, till they're larger anyway. Then they can be kicked out ;3 The tank will be heavily planted, and a 20 gallon sump is in the very near future.
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    Hmm ... I would definitely look at white clouds and danios[of pretty much any type except micro rasboras] to start with. They're both very active and fun fish. There's also gold barbs, harlequin rasboras, SAEs[mine swims a lot but he is FAR from boisterous], rosy barbs, etc. Whatever you choose, just remember that there is always the possibility of aggression in the long run. My goldfish in the 55gal was the most tortured thing which is why my new one lives in a 20gH with just a betta[who surprisingly is laid back, but I'm keeping an eye on him], shrimp & snails.

    Anyways, am I right in thinking Bruce and Banana would get the 50? xD
  3. OP

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    I was thinking danios or white clouds. Rosey minnows are also on my list, but they are a bit too much on the larger side for what I want. I don't want rosey barbs, I don't think. A bit more than I want to pay ATM. I've also got enough in the way of algea eaters lol

    Yes, bruce and banana will be in there for the time being lol
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    Endlers? I have some in my 10 gallon and they're a lot of fun. Nice fish. You might know this already but when they get used to you, endlers will flock to your movement at the surface and "beg."
    Fish that I would love to get with a bigger tank- Rams (German Blues and Golds), shell dwelling cichlids, some of the brighter, long fin tetras like von rios, phantoms, diamond tetras.
  5. OP

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    I've got Endlers already :p I was planning on putting a few in there. Maybe all of them, who knows. I need to replenish the population in the ponds, though lol

    I don't have the right water for GBRs. Its horrible, nasty, kill-anything-thats-too-sensitive, tap water. I also need something that is compatible, temperament wise with the Goldfish.