topfin stand from petsmart..

  1. callofduty Member Member

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this but i just bought a tank and stand from petsmart. tank size is 75g and i also bought the stand meant for 75g tanks. As this was a put together yourself stand at home I have built it and have the tank on the stand and have only added the gravel. I am skeptical about adding the water. Im interested to hear if anyone on here as used this stand before for a 75g and what was your experience with it. I dont want to fill it up to have it crashing down, not sure if petsmart will reimburse me if that happened. So if you have any info on this stand please let me know!
  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    It looks like a nice stand. I'd say the chances of it coming crashing down are equal to the chances the tank will leak out all the water.
  3. callofduty Member Member

    okay thanks, I needed some kind of little something to encourage me lol. Im going to upload a picture of it so far. Its coming together. Im gonna just add a little buit of water at a time till full so it can settle on the wood.
  4. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    the reviews are good for it.
  5. callofduty Member Member

    The thing that gets me is it says weight limit 900lbs wont my tank weigh more than that? 75g tank says it would weight 140 lbs then the water about 630lbs about 75lbs of gravel. I know thats only 845lbs but that is pretty close to its max. I guess the only way to really know is to fill it up.. Just worried of the incase factor. I dont want to be down all the money on both.
  6. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    I would assume that the 900 pound capacity allows for a factor of saftey. In reality, it could probably support about 25%-50% more weight.
  7. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    I agree, they wouldnt sell the stand and rate it for the size tank if it couldnt handle the load. I would also assume that they well underrate them to allow for wiggle room and the variations of peoples tanks.
  8. callofduty Member Member

    Thanks for the reply, means alot. I am filling to half full atm for now. This way the stand can settle with the added pressure.:)
  9. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    I tested mine (a wooden topfin 75G stand) for up to 870lbs (4 of us jumping up and down on it at once; hit our heads on the ceiling, wouldn't advise this for the future) as part of a "will my floor hold" test. Worked fine besides the head bump part.
  10. callofduty Member Member

    so you are successfully using your topin 75g stand with your 75g tank atm?
  11. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    Nope; right now it has a 37G tank and a 10G tank on it. The 75G tank sits waiting for a landlord who isn't afraid of spontaneous tank explosion. I'd say with everything I have on the shelves and all my crazy filters and extra gravel and sand and , it's probably got about 700lbs on it atm; I have no concerns about it holding my 75 when the time comes, plus my filters and other eq'.

    I will say that moving it is kinda tricky. The central support on the bottom is easily... wiggled? when pushing or dragging, so even though it's heavy as heck and it sucks to do it, make sure you pick it up and carry it, not slide it.
  12. callofduty Member Member

    okay cool. now i am no carpenter or anything so I had a question. If I wanted to reinforce it a little more do you have any tips since you have the same stand and can look at the design. I wanted to give it a little more support but not sure where or what to do. thanks again.
  13. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    i woudln't mess with it too much; it's not very good wood, and if you try to drill it, it could split. really, it should be just fine with your tank. also, you may have already done the gravel, but i don't think you need a whole 75lbs; a thin bed is fine. could probably make it with 60, if cutting some weight would make you feel a little better about it.
  14. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    seems the link to the stand is no longer working.

    Just stick a couple of pieces of wood on each side of the middle cabinet. Remember, measure twice and cut once ;)

    I agree though, I wouldn't worry about it.

    How much substrate you need is entirely dependent on the style of tank you want. If you want plants (real or fake), you'll need more than a thin layer.
  15. wisecrackerz Well Known Member Member

    that's a fair point; I always forget people who don't keep goldfish/loaches actually stick their plants in the substrate!
  16. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    lol. I would say if it concerns you too much, put a large tote on it and add water/rocks/weights. Granted a 75gal can be up in the 750-800+ lbs area.
  17. callofduty Member Member

    im just gonna give it a go and keep slowly filling it im sure it will be fine. just nervous to come home to a flooded room lol. thanks for all the tips and i might do that and put a 2x4 in the cabinets not drilled just wedged in there.
  18. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I don't know if it is exactlly the same but at work the manufactures of all our equipment must test all of it to with stand 125% of it's rated compacity. So if a chain says it is rated to lift 1000lbs, it must be able to safely lift 1250lbs when they send it to be tested for its wieght compacity. This is a law. I'm not sure how much different th laws are for home use items, but I am sure the procedures would be similar to avoid lawsuits.
  19. callofduty Member Member

    Ya i could imagine because if this were to not hold up and buckled over and the tank and stand busted someone, somwhere would have to do something. I mean if the stand says it will hold it and then doesnt i guess i cant really loose my money. Its a little more than half full now. getting there lol.
  20. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Well if topfin lives up to its reputation......... Im sure youll be fine, i mean, how hard can be to mess up a tank stand?