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  1. EricChennerNew MemberMember

    Hi, I have a TopFin Essentials Starter Kit and I heard that it isn’t very good for live plants. So what lights should i switch to because the hood has this area for the placement of the light. So the light is basically built to fit into the hood or do you guys have suggestions on how to get a light that attaches to the top of the hood like using suction or other methods?
    (***Lights that are efficient for live plant growth***)
  2. johnbirgValued MemberMember

    Hi, I swapped out the fluorescent tube setup in my hood some time ago and I found the easiest led light to fit in the hood was a Fluval fish & plant because it is simple to install the clips on the hood and the light unit is held in place by the clips. The led works really well with my plants. IMG_20190528_130527283.jpgIMG_20190528_130527283.jpg
  3. EricChennerNew MemberMember

    Do you think you can show me how you placed the led light in or which tell me which specific led fluval light would fit the essentials kit? Because for my hood, theres a pre-made section for the light that came with the kit to fit into or set up in with the structure of the hood to make it secure and not fall out into the tank.
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    IMG_20190716_094343592_HDR.jpg This is the led. When you remove the existing light there will be some existing screw holes you can use to mount the 2 clips that hold the led in place. If not you will have to drill some new ones. The led just clips into the clips and is easily fitted and removed when required. The Fluval lights come in a range of sizes so just measure the width and get a light of the correct length. Hope this helps!
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    Not the greatest pic, but my bow front didn’t have anywhere to attach lights, and the upgrades probably wouldn’t have helped much, so I just superglued two Finnex Stingrays onto the plastic!

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  6. johnbirgValued MemberMember

    Cool, problem solved!
  7. IslandvicWell Known MemberMember

    Another option is to look into getting a glass lid replacement.

    Aqueon's Versa-Tops are very good options.

    That way, a traditional aquarium light bar can be placed on top.

    If you go the route that @johnbirg and @LynnwoodFishDad suggested, that would let you customize exactly what you want also.

    They posted very good methods.