Topaz Puffer


HI all,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of keeping Topaz Puffers?

I've been offered one for free, was just wondering how hard they are to care for?

I have to admit that I'm not 100% convinced that the current owner is correct in saying it's a Topaz, as it doesn't look much like the photos I've looked at on the net.

It looks a lot more like a human skull with fins.

It's awesome!!! It may be ugly, but I WANT IT!!!



Cool fish!!! Never had one but I've heard puffers were nippers.


Puffers are brackish fish, so there would be a little more involved in tank maintenance to keep the salinity rate consistant. They also need lots of snails and other types of food that keep their teeth filed down. Their teeth continue to grow, so if you feed them soft food, you will have to clip their teeth. And from what I've read, puffers are not usually very good community tank mates, and have a tendency to take chunks out of their neighbors. They are usually housed with other puffers if you want more than one fish. I think they are very cool fish and would like to have one sometime in the future when I am sure I can give them the extra time. They really are fun to watch! ;D

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