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I orginally had 3 dwarf male gouramis in a 30 gallon tank, and after a few weeks the three started going to separate corners of the tank and remaining near the surface.  I added a female and guess what.. they are all still remaining at the surface and the female seems to be almost vertical in the water near the surface - has anybody seen this sort of behaviour before.  My local shops has suggested that the water maybe too cold so no it is up to 77-78 for a little while.
For info there are also 6 hockystick tetras and 10 neons as well a couple of dwarf rainbowfish
Any thoughts

Ah well two of the Dwarves have died - the female and one other - At the end they seem to be turning upside down and "falling" down the tank so perhaps they had a swim bladder issue. The Good news is that the other Gouramis are fine and are swiming throught the tank well


Could be that the males are territorial and just don't want anything to do with one another, so are going to their own "territories." The gourami being vertical is probably a swim bladder issue-not much you can do about that.


Gouramis need their own places to hide and they tend to dwell at the surface anyway. This is why they recommend having some sort of tall plants or floating cover for them to feel secure.....

Sorry to hear that you lost a few.
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Steve D

Re: Top level Dwarves - an update

Thanks for the comments folks unfortunately they all died so I think it was probably an infection of some sort , ah well now developing a fascination with rainbows

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