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1/ As you're leaving, the stylist says "See ya later, Britney" .

2/ People no longer greet you "How's it going?" It's now, "What happened!?"

3/ Donald Trump is embarrassed to stand next to you.

4/ During haircut, you heard the stylist say "oops" 46 times.

5/ On the way out the door, you're handed a t-shirt that says, "It'll grow back".
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I really feel sorry for britney, heard that she's having some kind of mental illness!!!!??? is it true?
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I really feel sorry for britney, heard that she's having some kind of mental illness!!!!??? is it true?
who knows?! shes out of rehab and at her mums now apparently?! just shows fame and fortune don't bring happiness! do!!!....well happiness at just lose a fortune instead!!
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I think K. Fed did it to her I dunno. He seems... well I can't say the word on here but he most definitely messed her up
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I grew up with britney spaers, so I have always liked her. I don't think she's perfect and I think shes self destructive. You knwo I think her and justin timberlake should get back together. (When K-Fed was with another girl at a club, Justin callled her and told her, he was in the same club I guess). Also have you ever hear his songs..not cry me a river..that was obviously baout britney..but his new one what goes around comes around..if you listen to the lyrics its so about britney. Ithink that was like his first love so...also before she got messed up he was supposed to help her with her next album.<can you tell I'm :
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I never heard his songs but what you said... He is an eminem wanna be. Eminem talks about his ex all the time in his songs
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that's true! didnt eminem and kI'm get married and divorced again last year or have I misheard something along the way?! some people just have turbulant lives!!! mine is very straight forward!!!!
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Yea they where re-married.
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Britney Spears needs to grow up. She has 2 small babies. Instead of getting drunk and drugged up, she needs to take care of her children. Imagine how you'd feel if your mommy did the things that Britney does. No amount of money can substitute a parent. So even though Britney is rich, she does not give her babies the happiness and love that they deserve.

That's my 2 cents.

Although, if she really has some mental illness, I feel sorry for her (as I would for anybody) and wish her lots of health. But I wonder ... if she is mentally sick ... it could have been caused by all the drugs she's taking. And - remember - it is HER choice to do drugs. Therefore, it is mostly her fault that she got sick.

You need to think about what you doing AT ALL TIMES. Wealth doesn't excuse you. Looks like Brit is simply an irresponsible person.

P.S. Richard ... did you make up all of it yourself? LOL ;D Funny!
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hey, did u guys see k-fed at WWE fighting John Cena a few months ago? he took a huge beating from Cena in the middle of the ring ;D!!!!! he looked funny to me.....
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I saw this on the fox news website and thought it pretty much says it all:

“American Idol” judge Simon Cowell won’t be offering his support to Britney Spears anytime soon.

The salty singing assessor told the London Mirror that the former pop princess needs to snap out of “the zone,” as does fellow rehab rocker Robbie Williams.

"This whole thing is a total indulgence. Britney and Robbie need to get a grip. We've allowed these people to feel sorry for themselves,” he said.

“I don't know what's going on in Britney's head, but my attitude is, I couldn't care less. She should go back and live with her mum for six months."

Cowell said strung-out stars should follow his lead and visit impoverished parts of the world.

“Go to where I just went, where people really are suffering and then you'll see just how good your life is,” he said.
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so true isabella! it seems a large proportion of famous people spend too much time on themselves and not on their kids (who are usually brought up by live in nannys/in boarding school etc and barely know who their parents are) and spend too much time self destructing. how many famous people can you think of that seem happy and how many have either been in rehab or in rehab/got eating disorders/drink too much/do coke and every drug going/short marriages and changing partners as often as their pants etc. as I doesn't always bring happiness! in these cases self indulgence leads to self destruction. rant/ramble over!!Tan
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..Even if I have to play their music on my show, I'm not the biggest fan of generic pop-singers like Britney.. but in all fairness to her, since posting this, I've since read that she is most likely suffering from Post Partum Depression following the birth of her second baby, which would explain a lot of her behavior.. I've actually known someone who had PPD after their first baby, and let me tell you, it's a scary condition that can cause the most normal women to trip out much more than any of us realise. Brooke Shields, after suffering from it, actually wrote a book outlining her experiences getting hooked on anti-depressants to fight it.

Add the trauma most women go through giving birth to a child with the kind of life the 'Britneys' and 'Julias' and 'Angelinas' have to live, always under scrutiny from the tabloids, and you can see how easy it would be for any of them to suffer from a more extreme form of PPD.

When I posted this, it was a tongue-in cheek piece for anyone in Fishlore who ever had a bad experience getting a haircut or getting their hair styled, (Lord knows I've had my moments!), I unfortunately tied it in with Britney Spears and her new look, not knowing then what I know now, which leaves me feeling very insensitive and like a shiny new idiot.. PPD is a very serious condition that can cause the most normal of mothers to behave abnormally, sometimes with deadly consequences, and I was wrong to make light of what she may be going through.. I'll be a lot more cautious in future with these humorous(?) posts.
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Well, is it certain that she has PPD? Like I said, if she is really suffering from a mental illess, I wish her all the best. But I also believe her children are innocent parties in this whole affair. They are the ones, along her own self, who will suffer the consequences of her behavior. Poor babies didn't do anything to deserve this.
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As strange as it sounds coming from me, I have to think Kevin F. will make the better parent...
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i'll keep an open mind! I dreaded the prospect of getting ppd when I had my kids as the docs etc kept mentioning it cos I had a hard time when I was preg (lost my brother, had pre-eclampsia, etc), but I was lucky and was fine. but I do appreciate how tough it is for those who do get it. if that's what she has then fair enough....but before she got preg she was fairly wild (the 2 day marriage in vegas for instance isn't normal behaviour for a start), and that wildness has just spiralled out of control. the media and pr can make us believe anything. too many people blame ppd and use it as a smoke screen to shield the truth which annoys me as it makes those who really have ppd not get believed and get he treatment they deserve. people who crave fame tend to crave attention, so even when they've got the fame they still need constant attention and will do anything to get it. they tend to never be settled and happy with their life.

just my opinion. who knows what goes on in peoples private lives. the media only tells one side of the story...and that's the side which will make money and sell the papers if the truth isn't headline grabbing enough!

ramble over

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