Top fin, came in 30 gallon kit

  1. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Before i do something silly like electrocute myself.... . is this heater submersible? It had a min water line indicator where the plastic and glass meet. So does this mean i can fully submerge it or do i need to keep the knob above water? Also i have no instructions for my heater, the knob only has a - and + indicator so how am i supposed to know what the temp is set at?

    Hoping for quick reliable answer as i need to get this tank rolling! Thanks :)

  2. azbev Member Member

    TopFin is a PetSmart brand. Their stuff usually comes with instructions, but if not, perhaps you could ask the store these questions.
  3. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    I asked today and they laughed at me saying "all new heaters are submersible" which may be true but there are like slits near the top that i assumed were for air or something so the knob shouldn't be under water but they assured me that even the heaters with knobs can go under....

    My 10 gallon had an auto heater that shuts off when water gets 82. It came with clear instructions tho.

    Im new to the aquarium hobby, have you known of fully submersible heaters with knobs? I still have it setting right on the "minimim water" line because im scared to get electrocuted lol
  4. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    They're definitely submersible. You know what temperature it's at by checking your thermometer and adjusting a little bit at a time.
  5. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    I got the temp figured out :)
  6. MEGADETH1111 Initiate Member

    I work at petsmart and top fin is a store brand. All top fin heaters were recalled including the ones that come with the starter kits.
  7. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    I thought it was only the plastic ones. Will petsmart replace it or am i going to have to buy another one?
  8. MEGADETH1111 Initiate Member

    They will replace them...but you need to ask for store credit. You may need to complain to get the credit because some managers wont except it
  9. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Ok can you link me to the recall info please? Ill call them in the morning