Top Fin Algae Scrubber

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    pumpknmom Valued Member Member

    I used my algae scrubber for the first time today, because there was a little brown spot on the glass I wanted to remove. I neglected to read the directions, so I didn't see I was supposed to rinse it first. After I scrubbed off the spot, I noticed little teeny pieces of blue on the sand. I tried to siphon out what I could, but it was very hard to get all of it. The particles of blue stuff are as fine as the sand itself.

    I'm worried about it hurting my fish. The scrubber is polyester fiber. Maybe I bought a cheapo brand. Anyone know of any good quality algae scrubber brands?

  2. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    HEllo Pumpknmom. I usually just buy the cheap ones. Long handle with a rough sponge on the end of it. Sometimes mine get's strings of poly coming from it but I haven't had it to fall to pieces like you're describing. I usually swap them for new every few months.
    Above is a link to the one I use for glass tanks. (not for acrylic)