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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Lisickit, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. LisickitNew MemberMember

    I currently have 3 neon tetras
    A snail
    A pleco (who in 4 years hasn't grown)
    A plant algae eater
    3 dwarf frogs
    1 shrimp
    3 catfish
    And possibly 3 loaches who even after multiple tank changes in 3-4 months can't find

    I had mollys but my black one grew monster size killed 2 and started to attack every thing else in the tank so he was rehomed ( and is very happy in his 55 gallon community)

    I can not find any tetras near the size mine are so I was looking for top feeders. What would be the best?

    My tank is a 36 gallon bow front with live plants and substrate. Everyone in the community gets along great and there are plenty of places to hide. The ecosystem created leads to very minimal cleaning done about once a month just to maintain but isn't really necessary as it stays clear on its own but I do filter and water changes as well as stir up the sand and occasionally move things around [​IMG]
  2. Chemgrl08

    Chemgrl08New MemberMember

    My FAVORITE fish right now is the pencilfish- specifically, the Golden Pencilfish or Beckford's Pencilfish, although there are several other types available. It's something a little different from tetras (which would also be a choice for you,) but they can be tougher to find. You'd need to find an LFS that has them- around me, none of the LFS have had any for a while. :( Pencilfish are best in schools and planted tanks, and they are very peaceful. I see them schooling with my gold white cloud minnows a lot (another possibility for you.) Some sources online say that pencilfish can be sensitive, but I haven't had much trouble with mine at all. I don't put any super special care in aside from maybe a bag of peat moss in the filter, and I even slack at doing water changes, but they display breeding behavior. I love 'em. If you choose them, I'd recommend adding some taller background plants such as val.
    You could also probably do guppies (there are some beautiful colors and they are underrated, IMO,) platies, and PERHAPS swordtails or mollies, although after your story perhaps you'd want to stay away from them. Balloon mollies look kind of clumsy- maybe they wouldn't give you that problem even if they grew really big?
    Curious about your catfish, pleco, and shrimp. I'm guessing you have cory cats? If not, which kind? Same for the shrimp- I've heard bad things about keeping shrimp other than the amano or red cherry (neocardia)- that they get too big and eat tankmates. Maybe I'm thinking of crayfish? And that pleco... *raises suspicious eyebrow*... I can't say I like them too much. LOL I've heard so many horror stories about them growing too big and gobbling up tankmates. But I'm glad yours seems to be staying a reasonable size!
  3. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Most live-bearers will spend some time at the top of the tank. And add some more neons for some schooling behavior.
  4. OP

    LisickitNew MemberMember

    The catfish are Corey's, the shrimp I believe is a ghost shrimp he is one of the originals he's all by himself now as the others even when I restock vanish, he's not huge maybe an inch he stays away from everyone. The pleco I'm so glad hasn't grown I've seen them grow huge but this guy is super lazy! He stays in 2 places. I'm really wondering about my loaches I believe they died
  5. Fanatic

    FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    Off Topic, but.
    Does anyone see the small portion of the Arthur show on that tank pic?

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