Too much stock to move to 40g?


I've been considering downsizing my tank to a 40 from a 55, and was wondering if what I already have would do fine in that size or if I'd need to give up some fish. Current stock is 6 swordtails, 6 neon tetras, 4-7 guppies, 8 zebra danios, 9 khulis, a bn pleco, and various types of shrimp. Also, if I would need to downsize on my fish as well, how many would I have to look at getting rid of?


I would probably look to get rid of the khulis but I think everything else would work. Just make sure you have lots of plants and do more water changes to keep up with the bio load. This is just my opinion though.


It's not a huge change, so like said above it would probably work. If you're worried eliminate I would say 1 type of fish like maybe the danios or something.
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