Too much limestone? Question

  1. delta5

    delta5 Well Known Member Member

    I just got some nice sized piece of limestone. 3.50 dollars for whatever I could fit into a 5g bucket. Is it possible to put too much in a tank in regards to ph?

    If I were to drill small holes that only fry could get into do you think they'd use it after mom kicks them out? Also, how 'deep' can I make caves before cichlids won't go any further into them?
  2. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    Limestone will raise and buffer the Ph to 8.2 which is perfect for Malawi Cichlids
    The rock will also leach out all the base minerals, and trace elements to give the required Gh and Kh fot the Cichlids.
    Stack the rocks so there are no blind caves or gullies where the fish will be trapped and killed in a fight
  3. OP

    delta5 Well Known Member Member

    Could you define what a blind cave is?

  4. jdhef

    jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    I would assume by blind cave what was meant was a narrow passage the fish would be unable to turn around in once he got to the end of the cave. (i.e. the fish would hit a dead end and the only way out would be to back up, which fish really do not seem to do).
  5. OP

    delta5 Well Known Member Member

    Stones have been soaking overnight in 5g bucket with a lot of prime.
  6. OP

    delta5 Well Known Member Member

    There's a lot of room for error, but my 5g bucket is reading 7.5ph after sitting overnight. Added a small rock to a cup that I measured at 8.2ph. Hopefully it does drop the ph.

    Update: the small rock has already raised the ph in the cup by .1!!!

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  7. ghost22

    ghost22 New Member Member

    8.2 is ideal for African cichlid
    A little high for South American

    Be sure to boil the rocks to make sure they are free of any unwanted stuff

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  8. T

    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    By a " blind cave, or gully " I meant that any fish inside has to have an out
    A back door if you like
    If the weaker fish do not have this during a battle, the more dominant fish will cut off the fishes escape, and kill it.
  9. Mortisha

    Mortisha Valued Member Member

    Use extreme caution if you do this because the rock could explode!! Ph won't go higher than 8.2
  10. OP

    delta5 Well Known Member Member

    I'd never boil rocks. At most soak them in scalding hot water and vinegar. The rocks are in the tank for roughly 24 hours and all is fine so far.
  11. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I have to agree with the last two posts. Boiling rocks can explode.
  12. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    You can boil rocks but you have to do it carefully, put the rock in cold water & bring to the boil slowly to allow any trapped air in pockets to escape.
    Dropping rocks into boiling water causes trapped gases in any pockets to rapidly expand which can cause the rock to explode.