too much fish and sulfur smell?

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    udyr Valued Member Member

    Hi there Im new the forums
    have a few questions

    I have a 10gallon and i have like 7 fish currently

    1 dwarf blue gourami
    1 white tetra
    2 albino corycatfish
    3 tiger barbs

    is that overstocked for a 10gallon?( also looking for get 2x albino cory and 1x dwarf possibly 5x ghost shrimps)

    Question 2

    My tank has this sulfur smell, i notice alot of leftover food and fish waste when i stir the gravel
    i tried to vacuum 25% of the water per week but just cant get rid all the leftovers(i dont think is even possible to remove everything beside draining everything out)
    should i take everything out?
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    Welcome to Fishlore! To start off your tank is kind overstocked. The corycatfish need a school of 5 or more. Including the tiger barbs and the white skirt tetra, they need to have a school of 5 or more. Your tank might have such a "sulfur" smell probably because of all the waste and leftover food. Try not feeding so much. You should only feed your fish within they can consume during 3-5 minutes.

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    Hi ! and welcome to the forum.
    IMO your tank is overstocked, so in order to control your Sulpher smell and the tank cleanliness, you will have to do the following.
    1) Reduce the amount of food you give to your fish
    Feed them only once a day, and in the mornings, and only feed the amount of food that they will completely clear in just 2 minutes - and no more !.
    Fish in tanks really need very little food to be in peak condition.
    2 ) Get your self a gravel vacuum when you next go to the LFS and suck up all the waste from the bottom of the tank when you do your water changes, which should be about 50% once a week of the tanks volume due to your high stock levels.
    What ever you do, dont take every thing out of the tank, and only clean the first wool filter pad from the filter in old tank water when you water change.
    Try this, and see how things go for you
    Good Luck