55 Gallon Tank Too Much Filtration?


Quick question,

Back story: I bought a TopFin 55 gallon kit beginning a freshwater fishless cycle now following the instructions of Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle.

TopFin 75 SilenStream presently running, wanted another HOB filter for the other side of the tank as backup and added filtration. That being said I am strongly considering an AquaClear 70 or a ML Penguin 350. Supposedly the Top fin 75 puts out 350gph (not sure I believe it). Would it blow my eventual fish away to add in the AC or the penguin? (not really considering a canister they will not fit in the aquarium stand).

Considering a school of tiger barbs or panda cories as my first group once the cycle is complete.


Tigers don't mind moderate flow as they come from reasonably moving water in the wild. The same goes for the panda's they can tolerate medium flow. By medium I mean you likely won't do any harm adding filtration. If it does come down to your blowing fish around you can always turn the flow down or add mechanisms like prefilters to further slow the flow. IMO you can never have too much filtration since the BB will self regulate to meet the needs of the fish.


I got the same set up as u and thought the same as . I got the AC 70 but wish I got the AC110. like previously stated you can always turn down the flow but the ac 70 isn't as wide as the silent stream. so there is a gap on each side of the AC70. I got 23 mbuna in there and it doesn't seem like they mind the flow


the Aquaclear have adjustable flow. Not sure about the Penguins.

i'd recommend you take a look at the Seachem Tidal.


You might consider a canister filter. I like them for the adjustable spray bar option as well as media capacity.


If you go with the Marineland, get the Emperor 400. IMO, far better than the Penguins. Either the AC 110 or the Tidal 110 would be the best choice.


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Coincidentally we just set up a new 55 gallon tank was well a little over 2 weeks ago. It's a Top Fin kit as well.

Although we don't use the included Silenstream filter on it, I did use it for about 6 weeks on a 20 gallon quarantine tank I ran on our back covered deck.

The Silentstream filters are not bad at all, especially the larger model you're running.

Once you remove the blue plastic bio-grid contraptions and cartridges and place your own DIY media inside, they become great little filters!

Here are some pics of how I stuffed my own media into the same filter you have while it ran on the 20g. Most of it was cycled media pulled from other filters.


Those 2 reservoirs are surprisingly deep!

Here is a LINK to a thread on the forum, showing more examples on adding DIY media to filters.

As for adding a 2nd filter, that is always a good consideration.

The AC70 and Penguin 350 are good options. PetSmart has the Penguin 350 on sale for $29 and the larger Emperor 400 for $39.

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