Too much calcium?

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    I know that snails need calcium in their water for strong and healthy shell growth. However, I'm wondering if calcium will offset any other of my water parameters or if it could be harmful to any other of my tank's inhabitants.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I've had a huge chunk of cuttlebone in my tank pretty much since I got my snail and my betta seems perfectly ok with it aside from poking at it every once in a while. The only thing that's changed about my water is the general hardness, which I assume to be a good thing. Every other parameter has stayed the same.
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    I also want to know if the calcium has an affect on plants.
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    Calcium increases the hardness of the water and can increase the pH. You can always feed your snails foods that are high in calcium, which will not affect the water parameters, but make sure your pH is at least 7 or the acidic water will corrode the shells regardless of the amount of calcium they receive.