Too many watts for my tank?

Discussion in 'Heaters' started by aquyenl, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. aquyenlNew MemberMember

    Is a 300W thermometer too much for a 46 gallon? I plan to get the Rena Cal Top Excel heater and it says it is for aquariums 55+. If I do end up getting this, would my tank get too hot? Thanks!
  2. Fish_ManValued MemberMember

    Hi aquyenl, your tank will not get too hot and you can adjust the temp on the thermostat on the heater.

    If anything I would suggest using a different heater as I have had bad experiences with Rena Cal... (no matter how much I turn down the thermostat on the heater.. the thermometer reads the same..)
  3. aquyenlNew MemberMember

    really? you had the rena cal excel as well? there's a 300w used selling for $15 im still debating whether to get taht or the marineland stealth 200w for $15
  4. ldbrown3138Valued MemberMember

    I prefer to use 2 heaters for larger tanks. If one heater goes bad, you have a back-up. If you use an oversize heater and it sticks in the on position, your fish are quickly cooked. I use a 100 watt and a 150 watt heater in my 55 G tanks. I set the 100 to 80 degrees which is easily maintained in summer, the 150 is set to 78, it only comes on if the 100 can't maintain the temp. So, I am only using 100 watts of power when the weather is warm, and 250 watts when the weather is cooler.
  5. Fish_ManValued MemberMember

    From what ldbrown said.. maybe you should get two instead of just one.

    I did a bit of review on heaters and didn't see rena cal being one of the top 3

    I would personally go with the stealth or eheim.. I currently have 2 eheim jager

    just wondering aquyenl.. where are you getting those heaters for only $15!! thats a good deal
  6. David CWell Known MemberMember

    I love the stealth's, would definitely recommend them. I've never used two heaters for my 55gal and it's been fine for several years, anything larger than a 75gal and I would definitely use two heaters. The larger tanks make it easier to hide two heaters :)

  7. DaveofTNValued MemberMember

    Well, the size heater doesn't really matter long as the size fits into your aquarium. The only difference between a 300W and a 150W for your aquarium, would be the 300W will heat your water 9-18 degrees that much faster, but all heaters turn off when they hit the set temperature (in theory). So, I suspect that a bigger heater would be more efficient electricity-wise since it will just have to flicker on every now and then to keep the water warm.

    However, sometimes heaters do get stuck in the "on" position. So...if you have a 300W heater in a 10-gallon tank...someday you might find yourself halfway to having fish and chips for dinner.

    Everyone is recommending the stealth, which I have. It seems to be decent, but the calibration of it is questionable. Many people report it to be off 2 degrees. In my case, it is 2 degrees cooler than what the dial says. That equates into me only being able to take my tank to 84 degrees. Also, if you look at the posts I've made, you'll see that I got a 250W stealth for my tank and I never could get it to go above 77 on its own.

    I hate to say it, but I have personally heard very few complaints about petsmart's cheap in-store brand. Not many bells and whistles, and certainly never on the Top 10 list though.

    Everyone is saying two heaters. This is pretty good for the opposite situation of the "on' scenario. I know I personally go camping over the weekend, and I set my auto fish feeder to only feed once so I know they will be ok. If the heater were to die on Friday, I could come home to some sick/stressed fish come Sunday night.

    Just my 2-cents!
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  8. aquyenlNew MemberMember

    off of craigslist. very good deal!
  9. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore!

    I have a 300W Odyssea heater in our 46 gallon and see the light turn on once in a while. I keep it at 78-80. I am sure it kicks in a little more during the day as the house temp is set to 65 but the light never stays on for very long when heating.

    I've had person experience with a heater failing to turn off, Ironically as noted above, it was a 10 gallon too. Kids found fishy floating. I put my finger in the tank and it was hot! 90+ (F). Going the 2 heater route isn't a bad idea. Being that it is a 46gal, it isn't a huge tank were the heater may have to constantly be on.

    Good Luck.