Too many rainbow sharks and explanation for my sharks weird behavior?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Shark' started by Lunammortem, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. LunammortemNew MemberMember

    Today my boyfriend and I got 2 rainbow sharks for my 10 gallon tank which already has a platy, guppy, 2 Cory catfish, and ghost shrimp. We were told we should get two by the lady at the store so we did. After a little looking around I'm finding that maybe we should have only gotten one??

    Along with this, I have yet to see them eat. I looked around and people are saying to feed them at night when it's dark and that it might take them a while to get used to the new environment.
    One of my sharks has been swimming around a little bit more and exploring, but my other one has been inside this barrel thing I have in my tank. The weird part is she is sitting in there almost vertically for hours and hours. At one point she swam out into a corner under my filter and lay there with one of my catfish. For the most part all she had really done is sit vertically in the barrel though. What does this mean??

    They all seem to get along very well. The sharks aren't very aggressive toward one another and they hang out in the same barrel a lot.

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  2. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    First of all, your tank is way too small for two rainbow sharks, let alone two. They grow to 5" and will require at least a 55 gallon tank because of their aggressive nature. That is correct that you should have only gotten one, they are aggressive with their own species. They are getting along now because they may be juveniles. That will change as they get older. But regardless, you need to either return them or think about upgrading to a 55 gallon tank.

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  3. LunammortemNew MemberMember

    That's really frustrating because the lady at petco insisted we get 2 for a 10 gallon tank.
    Thanks for your input

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  4. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning, Welcome to Fish Lore!

    Keep in mind that many (but not all) Fish Store/Pet Store employees are there to make a sale and they do not always take into consideration the living/housing requirements the fish need. I suggest research before purchasing. :)

    Rainbow Sharks and Red Tail Sharks are adorable and shy when juveniles. Once they mature and get familiar with their environment, the aggression usually begins.

    Agreed, 10g's is way too small for this species and I suggest 1 per tank in no less than 55g's with lots of hiding places.

    I have a Rainbow Shark in my 265g tank and I would never consider an additional one. Mine is currently 14 years old and has pretty much settled in after all of these years. For a long time, the Rainbow chased my Silver Dollars all over the aquarium but being in a 7' tank, the Silver Dollars had room to escape and too, the Silver Dollars are so much faster than the shark. There was some fin nipping but no major harm done, luckily.

    Ken :)

    I hope you enjoy the forum!

  5. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    I have a rainbiw shark in a 55 gallon and he is forever attacking my yoyo loaches, but they are just as big as he is and think of it more as rough play.
  6. LunammortemNew MemberMember

    I was going to return one today and hold on to one for a little and hand him over to my friend with the right sized tank, but one is missing!
    The bigger one that was swimming around last night is now missing and the smaller one is now swimming around. I have checked numerous times in the barrels they hide in, I've used my flashlight to check everywhere and he is no where to be found. Nor is there a body! I checked around my tank to serif maybe he jumped out but I haven't yet found any evidence of this. I even glanced in my filter to see if he was there.
    I have 6 ghost shrimp, is it possible that if he somehow died that they already ate his body with the help of the other fish????

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  7. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    I dont think its possible for them to have ate the dead body that quickly.
  8. LunammortemNew MemberMember

    Well that's what I thought, but where the heck did he go??? I can't find a body anywhere and I just took apart my filter to check and he wasn't there either. It's not even been 24 hours.

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  9. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    Well, you will have to find him as quickly as possible as a dead body can cause an ammonia spike, especially since your tank isnt cycle and its overstocked.
  10. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    Just to add, 10 gallons is too small for cories as well. Cories are schooling fish that need to be in a group of six or more. Recommended minimum for them is 20 gallons. Your options are very limited with a 10 gallon tank.
  11. LunammortemNew MemberMember

    Well the other one has died and I can't find his body anywhere
    I took thing out of the tank, I have searched everywhere in and out of my tank and I cannot find a body.
    What do I do????

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  12. SoCalDiverNew MemberMember

    I'm having the same issue! My brother's rainbow shark disappeared overnight! I can't find him anywhere! Only other fish in the tank are 2 mollies
  13. LunammortemNew MemberMember

    A week later I stumbled across the body in a cup that I keep pencils in that I guess was next to the tank. I searched all around it but I guess I didn't think to look there. It was a little disturbing but I'm glad I figured out what happened.

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  14. SoCalDiverNew MemberMember

    I found the body in the bag of my vacuum :( house cleaner sucked him up...

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