Too Many Protein Skimmer Bubbles In Tank

Discussion in 'Saltwater Tank Equipment' started by jimmy, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. jimmy

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    hey my name is jimmy and im new to the saltwater era. I just had a quick question ..........i purchased a protein skimmer (saline 60 hang on skimmer , with airstone), and i am getting way too many bubbles inside the tank.... my question is A) is that a bad thing? and B) how can i get rid of the way this is an awsome forum and website.
  2. Mike

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    Hey jimmy,

    Sounds like your skimmer is not tweaked correctly yet. I've found that it can be an art trying to get the optimum air flow and water flow on a protein skimmer. Is there any way you can decrease the amount of air flow into the skimmer? Sometimes you have to mess with the air flow and/or the water flow to get that optimum setting.

  3. OP

    jimmyNew MemberMember

    hey mike,

    yes there is a way to decrease air flow into the skimmer via the air pump. However even when i decrease the air pressure to lower, the bubbles are still visable in the tank (many of them)..... I was thinking if a bubble- trap might work more effeciently in this case?, not sure....
  4. NanoAddict

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    maybe if you raise the water level slightly less bubbles will be pulled into the fish tank
  5. teddybear22482

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    you might try a gang valve to regulate the airflow to your skimmer?? they are super cheap too! Like a buck or 2. Would hurt much to try it...