Too Many Keyhole Cichlids?


Hello all. I just received an online fish order to finish stocking my standard 55 gallon. I actually got more fish than I ordered and want to be sure final stocking won't be too much now. Currently in the 55 are 7 harlequin rasboras, 7 peppered corys, and 1 bolivian ram. What I ordered is 7 more harlequins but they sent me 9, 7 peppered corys they again sent 9, 5 keyhold cichlids but they sent 8, and one rio negro plec. So total stock will now be 16 harlequins, 16 peppered corys, 8 keyholes, 1 bolivian and 1 rio negro. Thoughts on if I'm overstocked now that I received more than my intended amount of fish? Also does anyone else have experience with keyholes? I understand they mostly stay towards the bottom of the tank, just wondering if anyone else' roam around the whole tank. I'm worried the lower half of my tank will be crowded now.


I think you are probably a little over stocked. However your situation can be managed by over filtration, 50% WC each week and a well designed hardscape, providing numerous hiding spots and line of sight breaks. I believe Keyholes are very similar to Bolivians. They grow to about 4", pair up and establish territories.
I don't know what filtration you have going, but adding something like an Aqua Clear 70 or 110 might up the chances for success.

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