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Hi all! I've got a 30l planted tank that I built mainly for shrimps. I've been using my betta and snails to cycle it but the betta will be moved to a different tank soon. I'll be getting a bunch of neocaridina shrimps soon and I have 4 pygmy corydoras and a small mystery snail. Would it be too much if I added some chilli rasboras to the mix? I was thinking about 6-8 rasboras, but I'm not certain if that'd be overstocking the tank. What do you think?


It is quite a lot of fish for a 8gal tank.... Overfeeding or missing a water change could cause problems quickly.

For me the minimum tank size for those fish would be 10gal, but they would be more comfortable in 15-20gal (70L so pretty much double your tank size).
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Only if your tank's filtration is not enough strong to support the demand. If your filter is exceptionally strong, than everything is ok.
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Imo it's not about how many fish can your filter handle. But will the fish be happy? Raspboros might be small, but they swim quite a bit. They need more space to spread out. Cories are happier in a bigger school as well, but you could probably get away with the cories only. I wouldn't add the raspboros
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I'd skip the chili rasboras and double the number of pygmy corys instead. They do better, and are more interesting to watch, in larger groups.
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