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Hello everyone!

I posted frequently a while ago when I was just starting. I lost two cories along the way (they just stopped eating...) but all else is well, especially relations between me and my betta, Mr. Velvetine. He's an absolute sweetheart!

The temperature here has recently sky rocketed! It's not meant to be this warm. So it's probably a heat wave that'll end this week. But the thermometer on my tank (it's a stick on the glass one) it says it's 90 degrees!! Is it measuring air temp along with the water temp? Or is that really what's inside the tank? In that case...I've already turned my heater all the way down...shall I just take it out?

I've also recently gotten an invasion of what I think is blue/green algae. The kind that just coats everything. I decreased the number of hours the lights were on for two weeks or so...yet it's still around. Any recommendations on how to battle this beast?



I'm sorry to hear about your Corries.

Where do you live, the temperature here where I live has recently been very hot and I asked what I could do to lower the temperature. Here is what some people said to me on what to do:-

Sorry but I don't know about the algae, wait for someone else who might know better than me.

Hope this helped



As for the temp it sounds like maybe your heater malfunctioned. I had quite a few heaters get stuck on "on" and jack up the temp before I had the sence to pay a few extra bucks for a good heater. : What brand of heater are you using? I have Marineland heaters in both tanks...they work perfectly.
90 degrees is way too high. If the temp does get a little higher than usual in the summer, that is not a big deal. It is more important that the temp is steady, not fluctuating. If, however, it starts getting much over 80, you may need to do something to cool it.
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The temperature problem's been fixed. It was definitely the weather. We had something between 35 and what felt like 40 degrees (celcius). I think that's high 90's in F. I had to keep my windows open because we don't have A/C. The temperature dropped back down and so has the water.

I'm still battling the crazy algae though :-\

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