Too Fast To Intro New Fish? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by toga434, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. toga434

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    My 20-gallon tank has been in operation for 2 weeks. I’ve had 2 mollies living well in the tank for 12 days now. However I’ve tried to introduce 2 sets of tetras and they’ve all died. The mollies are doing great. I’ve done 2 water changes of 25%, with dechlorinated water of similar temp.

    The last tetra was covered in white spots (ick?) before it died, I didn’t have time to med, it was dead by the time I got home from store. But when I returned to the pet store every tetra they had in that tank was dead and stuck to the filter. So I may chalk that one up as as issue in their tetra tank.

    I’ve introduced two platys tonight, hoping they’re heartier than the tetras. I floated the bag for 30 min, then began introducing tank water to the bag slowly before finally netting(another 30 min).

    Have I been impatient to the nitrogen cycle?

    Ammonia & pH levels measured by an in-tank disc, and looks ok (<.01) and pH is steady at 7.8
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    What are your nitrite and nitrate readings?

    Normally, a fully cycled tank takes anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks.

    I’d also suggest to use an api master test kit to measure your water parameters.
  3. Islandvic

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    Yes you have.

    What did you do to attempt to get the cycle going?

    Dechlorinated water + fish ?

    It sounds like you added fish in the 2nd day.

    Are the "discs" the only way to measure the water parameters?

    Also, dont but fish covered with white spots kept in a tank with dead fish.
  4. OP

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    Hi - I had store test water for me, with following stats 7 days ago:

    Nitrite: 0 mgl
    Nitrate: 30 mgl

    Noted on purchasing new fish from a store tank with sick/dead fish. Should I go ahead and treat my tank for ick? Or wait to see if mollies / platys show any symptoms?
  5. Islandvic

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    I would do a thorough cleaning of the substrate with a gravel siphon vac at a minimum.

    Here is a video on the life cycle of Ich

  6. TheBettaSushi

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    Pet stores usually test with strips so the readings could be off. Best to test with the liquid kit to get more accurate results.

    If you put the fish that already had white spots on them in the tank, chances are that your other fish will get it too. I wouldn’t know what to do as I have never had ich problems before but if it were my tank, I’d treat it just to be safe. However, that’s just my opinion and that’s what I’d do. It’s your tank so it’s your call.
  7. candiedragon

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    Hi toga, welcome to the forums!

    It does seem that you rushed the cycle as a tank does not usually cycle in under a month unless you've seeded the filtration with media from an already established aquarium.

    It's possible that your mollies could contract ich so keep that medicine handy and be observant. You could raise the temperature a little bit as a precaution, if you dont already than I would recommend a heater.

    I do recommend that you invest in a liquid test kit as it is much more reliable, convenient, and cost-efficient than the strips. You want to make sure that your Ammonia and Nitrite remains less than 1ppm, and should it reach or exceed that amount to do an immediate 50% water change. Those two forms are the most toxic to fish and needs to be kept low as not to stress out your fish. I would also recommend that you invest in Seachem's "Prime" water conditioner as this not only removes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals but can temporarily detoxify Ammonia as well (while still allowing it to be available as a food source for the nitrifying bacteria) to further alleviate your fish.

    Until you have a consistent reading of 0/0/<20ppm Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate, I highly recommend that you do not add anymore fish.

    Please ask questions if you need help with clarification or anything else at all!