Too Any Hermit Crab Fatalities

Discussion in 'Saltwater Invertebrates' started by CHAMELEON_BREEZE, Apr 10, 2019.

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    I now have only 2 Zebra Hermits left in my 10 Gallon Nano Reef. There used to be 6. Just today, my largest crab, who I named "Pearly" because of the white bumps on it's shell, has eaten my smallest crab. I tried buying some Reef Frenzy a while ago during my last visit to the LFS, but I had to go to WalMart after (I'm only 13, and I can't drive. My LFS is not a good walking distance).

    I have some plans. I'm not separating them because hermits are social creatures, so just having one in there will be a death sentence. I might either keep them, re-home them, or move them to another tank (which I don't have). If I get rid of them, what are some alternatives? Maybe an emerald crab or something?
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    Giving this a bump up for you hope our salty members can help today
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    If you want to keep it simple, skip the Zebra Hermits and go for the Regular or Dwarf Red Hermits. I have found that they are the crabs that work the hardest as far as clean up crew function and bother things the least. Personally I would not keep a Zebra hermit in a reef tank that small as they just get too big and cause problems. Any larger crab will only make the trouble worse (ie Emerald). The other advantage to the Reds is that they are dirt cheap (ie $1.50-$2 each) and a few of them will easily get the job done done in a tank of that size.
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    Okay. By the way, I only have ONE hermit crab left now, which is, or course, Pearly. He apparently stressed another crab out and now it's dead.

    I'll try looking for some Red Legged hermits. I've only seen them at certain stores on certain occasions. What types of shrimps will do good, too?