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    So today was interesting.

    Tomorrow would have marked the end of the treatment for my tank. However, being that I haven't lost any fish since before beginning the treatment (it was a fast killer, believed to be columnaris), and knowing that I would not want to clean the tank after work tomorrow I decided to do it today.

    I decided to do it well too (hopefully). I went to PetSmart to get a scrubber to remove the unsightly biofilm, algae, smudge residue on the walls. My black racer nerite, horned zebra nerite, and blue mystery snail just can't keep up with it and all the green algae growing. While getting ready to go to the store I thought about even checking into getting some fish to start up the quarantine tank.

    While at PetSmart, I did first locate the scrubber. Then I started finding other things. First, I found an absolutely beautiful black and silver crowntail betta (pictured below). He seemed pretty laid back, and I wanted to bring him home so badly for quarantine to take the betta place in my community. I won't say replace because there isn't any replacing Henry. I put him back in the holder though. Second, I found 2 tiny little harlequin rasboras. Coincidentally, that's the exact number I need to complete my school of 8. Thought about taking them home for quarantine as well, even though I really want bigger ones (have 2 young ones already). That's when it hit me. I couldn't get anything to put into quarantine. I don't have a second heater for it because my 50 watt died.. I was so disappointed to remember this little fact. Luckily though, I did BEFORE buying any fish.

    That little blunder aside, I did make a small discovery. Back to the original reason for my visit, algae/biofilm problems. I found this super active dark gray black racer nerite (pictured below). So yes, I brought him home (snails don't need quarantined) to add to my snail collection even though I had decided recently to only buy tiger, zebra, or horned nerites from now on. There's always room for one black racer per tank I suppose (starting to get equipment to set up another tank). Also looked for an ivory mystery, but there weren't any.

    So I get back home, do my water change and WOW!!! That stirred up a lot of crud from my BDBS substrate. I've known for a little while that the vacuum doesn't get it as clean as I would like. So I had to keep sucking more water and debris out. Finally I got it acceptable (meaning wanted better but couldn't attain it), and started scrubbing gunk off the front and side glass panels. I left the back alone for the snails to feed on.

    Then I added my new nerite, and quickly made the disappointing discovery that it pretty much blends right into my substrate. Good news is it's already making laps around the tank devouring any algae or biofilm in it's path.

    So, my tank is probably the cleanest it's been in a while, treatment is over, and I got more help for my algae crew (still need to get my first live plants to help them out). So, not a bad day I suppose.

    Thanks for reading, even though I don't know why I shared it all.

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    What a pretty guy! And they snail is super awesome as well!

    And btw; I believe you are ill as well! You're expressing symptoms of the fishkeepers dilemma: go to the store for one thing and one thing only, and then come back with other things that wasn't on the list initially because you needed it! It's unfortunately incurable. But it's okay, many people have this disease and live happy lives with happy tanks to match :p

    (And I'm glad the treatment is working!)