Today was a bad day

  1. b

    beane New Member Member

    I bought home a Royal Gramma yesterday afternoon. Today he is nowhere to be found. I fear he was eaten by one of his tank mates. The possible suspects are 2 Yellow Tail Damsels, 1 Neon Damsel, 2 Hermit crabs, and a Haitian Pink Anemone. Has anyone erver heard of Gramma burrying themselves to hide?
  2. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Disposition: Royal Grammas tend to stake out a cave in the rockwork which they use as home base. They come out into the open to feed, but tend to dart back into the rockwork when startled. Royal grammas tend to not bother or be bothered by other fish, but will vigorously guard their favorite hiding places.


    I've never heard from them before, but they sound like shy ones!
  3. nemo addict

    nemo addict Well Known Member Member

    I very much doubt it was eaten as this can be very aggresive if picked on ,,
    When most fish are introduced to the aquarium they normally do hide for a while until they are more secure with there new surroundings . grammas dont come out much anyway, so you will proberbly see when feeding

  4. OP

    beane New Member Member

    i hope he's hiding somewhere. i want to get a pair a pair of clowns in the next month or so, but may have to find a new home for the damsels.
  5. harpua2002

    harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Based on the size of your tank, I'd definitely recommend finding a new home for your damsels if you want clowns (which are also damsels) as well.
  6. Lucy

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    Good luck!
  7. s

    sgould Well Known Member Member

    I'd say very good chance he is hiding. As has been pointed out, that is their personality anyway, and when they are introduced to a new tank they are even more skittish for a bit. Keep your eyes peeled, but I wouldn't worry for another day or two.